Man r@ped by three ladies in University, reveals how traumatized it left him


A man has taken to his Twitter page to recount how he was r.aped by three ladies while he was in his 2nd year in the University and no one believed or did anything about it. The man identified as Ezemmuo Nkanu on Twitter revealed that being r.aped by three ladies in the University is an incident that has refused to leave his head and how every November 10 reminds him of that day.

He wrote;

In my year 2 I was r.aped by 3 girls,they took turns on me. reported the matter but no one took me serious even the police refused to make an arrest, my guys thought differently. That incident has refused to erase from my memory every November 10 reminds me of that faithful day.

Going through the comments section you will see why the society will never take men been r.aped serious, the police guy i complained to told me ” Young man go home are you not a man and don’t go about telling people that a girl r.aped you nobody will respect you”.